Mindfulness FX: Mini Morning Meditation

Beautiful sunrise, crazy beautiful sky! Feeling the cool air. Grateful for this morning!
What has been your mindful moment, today?

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Why is sitting more hazardous than parachuting?

Why is sitting more hazardous than parachuting?
I answer this question in my latest Huffington post article:

Yoga for Desktop Warriors

Working hard and spending hours at your desk? Suffering from neck and back pain? Feeling the midday work slump?

Yoga for Desktop Warriors might just be the solution. Simple chair yoga routines like this provide quick and easy stretching techniques that are ideal for working those painful kinks out of your body, increase your metabolism, and optimize work performance.
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Teacher Educator: Role & Best Practices

Roles include:soliciting teachers ideas about a specific problem and potential solution.helping teachers build inner strength and resilience.boosting hope and encouraging teachers to focus on future possibilities.Best Practices include:
(adapted from Murphy (2008)model humility, curiosity, and a willingness to learn from group members.look, listen, ask, and learn as much as possible before offering suggestions.treat group members as experts regarding themselves and their circumstances, and as active contributors to their own solutions.respect group members freedom to accept or reject suggestions and to adopt them to their own unique situation.respect diverse opinions, cultural backgrounds, and new ideas.listen for hints of strength, resilience, hope, and other resources.ask open, change-focused questions.

How to Run an Effective Teacher Support Group

Monthly Meeting Structure
Research suggests that social support is highly effective in lowering stress and the feeling of burnout in teachers (i.e. Greenglas, Fiksenbaum & Burke, 1996; Halbesleben, 2006; Larrivee, 2012; Luskin & Pelletier, 2005; Simbula 2010; Seligman, 2011a).

Support from colleagues has also been linked to retention (i.e. Houkes, Janssen, de Jonje & Nijhuis, 2001; Ingersoll & Strong, 2011, Leung & Lee 2006; Whitaker, 2000). In addition, there are significant benefits to meeting and sharing journals face-to-face as part of a support group.

Based on the research mentioned above, we thus incorporated monthly meetings as part of our Guided Journaling for Teachers Support Group (GJTSG).

How to Implement a School-wide Teacher Support Program

Administrative support
A Guided Journaling Teacher Support Group may be operated by a school, school districts or a consortia of districts. Schools can implement this program on their own,  in partnership with other schools, in association with a local teachers association, a college or university, or a state department of education.

A Guided Journaling Teacher Support Group makes minimal demands on the district and school resources. It is relatively low-cost and time effective.

Participation in support groups can be increased by providing release time for teachers and group leaders, that is support group meetings can be scheduled during regular work days with the help of substitutes and creative use of staff development days.